More Ridership

Less Frustration

Receive ride requests straight to your smartphone
directly from passengers, your dispatchers, or
any of your company’s authorized concierges.

Let us help you earn more with less hassle.

More Passengers, More Income

By making booking and paying for taxis extremely easy, TaxiTapp attracts new audiences yet untapped by the taxi industry. In addition, improved efficiency and decreased wait time for passengers has shown to increase ridership.

Less Hassle

Do you drive around a lot looking for customers, wasting your time and gas? With TaxiTapp you receive the ride requests directly on your smartphone.

Cashless Payments

Not having cash on hand is not just a problem for a passenger but often for a driver as well. With TaxiTapp’s integration of encrypted mobile payment system, there is no need to look for an ATM anymore. Passengers have an option to pay straight from their phones which then drivers can accept in their free driver app.

Control Your Brand

With TaxiTapp, your good service is rewarded not just with tips but also with great reviews and ratings. It goes without saying that higher rated drivers get booked more and earn higher tips.

Start Earning More In Just 3 Simple Steps

Sign Up Your Fleet


Does your company use TaxiTapp? If not, this is a great opportunity for you to bring more revenue to yourself and your company. Just make sure your company joins TaxiTapp and creates a driver account for you.

Download free driver app


You can download our TaxiTapp Driver app for IOS and Android; however, in order for you to use the app, your manager needs to grant you the access to the system. Only then are drivers able to start accepting the rides requests.

Start building your brand


Turn your passengers into loyal customers by offering them great service. Consistently earning high ratings will not only influence the amount of tips you receive but will also get you new customers via TaxiTapp apps.

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